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Season’s greetings: Winter produce at its best

As the weather begins to cool, it’s time to pack away summer peaches and fill our menus with foods that ease us into the chillier days. And there’s good reason – eating seasonally isn’t just more delicious; it’s better for us and the environment and is less expensive (but mainly: it’s more delicious!).

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, chances are you’ve heard about the benefits of “eating seasonally”, yet the fruit and vegetables we love seem to be available on shelves all year round, so why make the effort to eat seasonally? The most important reason is because it tastes better. Tomatoes are at their sweetest in summer because that’s when they ripen, just as apples are crisp and juiciest in autumn and broccoli is crunchiest in winter. There is a natural body clock to food that makes food taste better when in season. Those summer tomatoes don’t need much more than a sprinkle of sea salt to shine.  Autumn apples make a sensational snack with a wedge of Manchego. Broccoli needs little more than a quick steam and a pat of butter in July. Past their prime, though, foods need more TLC. Often that translates to adding more fat, sugar and salt because the raw ingredient is tasteless without it. So, eating in season is healthier and tastier because foods naturally taste better.

Season’s greetings: Winter produce at its best - The Caterer Sydney, AU

Eating seasonally is also far better for the environment. When you eat out of season, stores are forced to carry fruit, vegetables and herbs from other climates – meaning they have to transport them from overseas, adding a huge carbon footprint to those raspberries you want in the dead of winter. Eating in season means eating locally, which is better for our planet.

Season’s greetings: Winter produce at its best - The Caterer Sydney, AU

The other thing we love about eating in season is that it is naturally better for us. Nature didn’t intend for us to eat capsicums year-round, or plums whenever you want: if they’re not in season, they won’t be at their peak from a nutritional perspective. Variety is crucial for a healthy diet, and it also exposes you to new foods, tastes and even cuisines. Learning to love new foods? That’s a beautiful thing indeed.

Season’s greetings: Winter produce at its best - The Caterer Sydney, AU

But there’s even more reason to eat seasonally than just taste and the health benefits for ourselves and the environment, it’s more cost effective too – when we’re spending less on the ingredients we buy for your events, those savings are passed on to you. Food that’s in season is more abundant, and because there’s more of it, stores need to sell more. More supply equals greater savings. While each of our ingredients is carefully selected and of the highest-quality, when they’re in season, the cost is reduced.

Some highlights from our autumn/winter menu showcasing autumnal produce at its finest

  • Golden fried arancini bursting with stinging nettle and four cheeses
  • Shaved, fried Brussels sprouts w sweet Red Delicious apples & candied walnuts
  • Persimmon w Spanish Jamon Iberico, burrata, eschalot dressing & nasturtiums
  • Heirloom carrots served w smoked goats curd, hazelnut crumble, thyme & breakfast radish
  • Panfried barramundi w oyster, shiitake and enoki mushrooms in a soy and dashi broth w edamame & shiso
  • Roast free range chicken w cauliflower puree, wilted baby kale & truffled potato mille feuille w shaved fresh truffles


Whether you’re after a relaxed sandwich platter, a formal sit-down dinner or a beautiful progressive buffet, we always make the most of the incredible local Australian produce at our fingertips. Get in touch to discuss the creation of a seasonal menu at your next event. Tel: (02) 9693 1444.

Season’s greetings: Winter produce at its best - The Caterer Sydney, AU